I have given myself the challenge of posting from time to time, in an aim to introduce classical music to people who either profess themselves to be tone deaf or simply insist that they will never like it.

It is positively not a classical-music-for-dummies blog! The hope is to inform, and simply share my love of these pieces, in the same way any of us likes to recommend a good book, play or film.

It is for everyone, although the aficionados amongst you may feel it unnecessary;  but the greatest pleasure I will get is the feedback from anyone who finds themselves surprised at a new discovery.

Even when I select well known pieces, the aim will be to identify a passage or version which you might not know or just gloss over, in the hope it will make you smile or hear it differently.

One thing I have learned as I get older is that our tastes change in so many things: music is certainly one of them. Many of us who grew up on a background of Bowie, Elton John, Van Morrison, The Clash etc., are now thinking that there might be something to enjoy in classical music, but simply don’t know where to start, finding the whole thing too intimidating.

It doesn’t need to be: no one expects to warm to everything, but if any of you like a good tune, I will be amazed (and obviously disappointed) if there isn’t something here that makes you stop for a moment.

And, if by some good fortune, I can reach a younger audience who will accept that I have not sought to deliberately dumb this down for their benefit, that will be the ultimate prize.

In an age when everyone’s time is so precious, a lengthy post can be a big switch-off. I know that when I start to look at a blog, the very first thing I do is to scroll down to the bottom to see how long it is, and if the bar has barely moved after a few paragraphs, I’m off!

So with my own experience in mind, the aim is to provide just enough that I feel necessary and no more.

The great thing about music is that it is an endless discovery. Just like reading, you can be sure there are always vast quantities waiting out there for you, and although the frustrating truth is that we will never get to them all, the surprises we meet on the way make it so worthwhile. That continues to be my experience.

Please feel free to post any comments and I shall do my best to address them. If you’ve got this far and you like what you see and hear, you can click on ‘Follow’, to be emailed with future posts – and nothing else, I promise!